Super seitan! The delicious alternative to meat.

seitan bbq pic

These mouthwatering, super good looking treats may look like ribs. But they’re not. And they definitely look good, don’t they?

This is actually Seitan, a meat substitute made almost purely from wheat gluten. Therefore, it’s almost completely made from plant-protein and somehow has a unique texture that chews away like meat!

It’s really not difficult to make your own seitan. Although you probably have to order the wheat gluten online, it’s super cheap to make. But it is actually even easier to just buy it, since most organic shops sell several kinds.

Did I mention it’s really tasty? Because it is. Even my most meat-addicted friends had to admit that the texture does a great job at satisfying that appetite for chewing a nice, tender piece of beef.

It is, regrettably, not suitable for people with a gluten allergy and also I don’t recommend to eat it everyday. But if you consider the pros: much cheaper than meat, excellent protein source, great taste and texture + cleaner, friendlier and sustainable for the environment, you may just (completely) forget about the hurt that your not eating meat.

Try it, it sells itself. Have a look at the pinterest feed on seitan or this interesting post from Buzzfeed, it may make you curious and spark your interest!

Mees Dierdorp, a true talented new artist at last.

mees dierdorp

Honestly, living in Amsterdam means that if you hit just any random person on the street you most likely hit a DJ. It’s that bad. Just as any aspiring, narcissistic, pen wielding online-samurai maintains a personal blog, so is any inhabitant of Amsterdam a DJ of some sorts.

But this guy,  Mees Dierdorp is the real deal. Offspring (grand kid) of the great, late Dutch “Cobra” painter and “Vijftigers” poet Lucebert, this guy has real musical talent and a great ear for mixing seemingly impossing tracks into truly beautiful sets.
His musical choice isn’t your average club beat and drop but rather a melodic, almost enchanting mix of minimal sound and sweeping drums. You can find him mixing fifties tracks into deephouse beats and making bridges that incorporate monologues and classic twists. Hopelfully he’d agree with me or accept my fallacies as a well received compliment.

Well, that’s enough said. Listen and judge for yourself.

Nora En Pure = Pure Pleasure

Nora en pure

Nora En Pure = Pure Pleasure

So I was actually pretty certain that the first post I was gonna do about music just had to be about Miss Melera. But, as things go, I wanted to really do some research, tell you guys a story and what not. Things got postphoned due to my exams and before you know it I came across this crazy set from Nora en Pure.

I don’t know anything about this woman/man/group/duo(?) and right now I really don’t care. All I know is that this one beautifully mixed set full of upbeat tracks that remind me of disco/funk and old school house, while being distinctly deep house. I’m listening to it right now and I have trouble sitting still, let alone typing all this in one take!

Play this and go nuts in your room. Freaking party alone so hard that the neighbors come over too!

Next post will be about Miss Melera’s monthly Colourizon set. I promise 😉

The perfect musclebuilder: cologne with real protein in it!

The perfect musclebuilding: cologne with real protein in it!

Guys, having trouble adding that extra muscle? Or girls, do you want to turn that flab butt into that actually sexy bubble butt?

New breakthrough science makes it possible to have your extra protein, without having to stuff your face. Old Spice, the brand behind the extra manly commercials and awesome smelling colognes made it their deal to make this available for everyone. So they ventured into making the first ever musclebuilding body spray!
Click on the photo or head on to:

In the meantime, maybe you do actually want to stuff your face with something sweet and great looking, but also build muscle at the same time? Here the perfect recipe for a protein-rich snack that you can take on the way:

Protein almond-carrotcake:
Heat the oven at 160 degrees celcius. While the oven comes to temperature, take 4 eggwhites and whip them until they’re really fluffy like whipped cream. Then, in a large bowl mix:
– 500 gr. scraped carrots
– 400 gr. almond flour or whole wheat flour
– 4 tablespoons coconut oil
– the whipped eggwhites
– 60 gr. whey protein (I like banana flavor)
– 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
– 2 teaspoons baking soda
– about 50 to 75 ml fat free yoghurt (depending on how creamy and wet you like your cake
– add raisins (as much as you like)
– add almonds (as much as you like)
– stevia (natural, plant based sweetener) – as much as you like!

Cook in the oven for about an hour. Let it rest and wrap them in aluminium foil. If you keep these refrigerated, they’ll keep for at least a week so you can munch on them whenever you like!

Recipe is a personal adaption of the recipe found at:

How sugar affects the brain, not just the body

When we get taught about sugar it always seems to be about what sugar does to your body. The rise in insulin, increased fat storage, dropping energy levels after it’s effect diminishes.
Enter Nicole Avena (website below), a research neuroscientist and an expert in the fields of nutrition, diet and addiction. The perfect teacher to give us a lesson about what sugar actually does in the brain. Animated bij STK films (website below) to make it visually stick in your memory.

It’s nice to see a different approach every once in a while and this video, informative as well as interesting, is a perfect example of how infograpics and dry lecture can combine into an effective and entertaining message that might change the way you think. And as you know, that’s what we’re about.

Check it out and let me know.

DENHAM PSYCHO – explicit remake

Have you seen this?
The award winning creative agency Flickering Wall made a catching remake of the famous ‘business card scene’ in the 2000 classic, American Psycho. The ad is made for Denham ‘the Jeanmaker’, a beautiful brand that, to my opinion, produces one of the best denim purchasable in Amsterdam. Hipsters with beards and bad attitude are featured in this polished video competing over the best denim. A great wink at the original scene where businessmen obsess over the most expensive and elaborate business card.

On Youtube, the director Hugo Keijzer explains:
“When I first heard Jason Denham talk about jeans it reminded me of the film’s legendary business-card scene. I recognized the same manic attention to detail and ravenous appetite for craftsmanship. This triggered the idea for a modern-day remake of the scene”.

Jason Denham himself is quoted saying that the ad by Flickering Wall is a brilliant parody of fashion in general, but that it reminds him mostly to keep having fun and not take ourselves too seriously.
Well that’s what we’re all about here!

Check it for yourself. Even if you’re not an ad-lover like me, you’ll certainly enjoy watching it to the very end!

Also see:, for great style and quality denim.

Let’s begin.

At first glance, people may find me somewhat inconsistent. My behavior can, to say at least, at times seem to be contradictory.On the one hand, I party, drink and basically have a good time without giving much thought to any of the consequences. But on the other hand however, people know me as something of a health freak, concerned with the environment, sustainability and the general future of our planet. Do these two seemingly opposite sides of me even fit together? Am I a slight case of typical borderline?

But, chances are you recognize this kind of behavior, these two different lines of thought. Heck, it’s only logical. TED Blog, the blog of the famous organization TEDx featured a very interesting interview with Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonical, an expert on the science of willpower and author of the book The Willpower Instinct. In the interview, McGonical gives us an insight in the way people miss formulate New Years resolutions and how it’s precisely that, that makes it so hard for us to stick to them. Willpower, McGonical explains, is the ability to align yourself with the brain system that is thinking about long-term goals — that is thinking about big values rather than short-term needs or desires.

And that’s, I think, exactly why I may seem so contradictory, and also why you recognize this behavior. You and I contradict us by having a competition with two sides within you that struggle for satisfaction. The one side being that ‘smart you’ that can think long term about goals, ambitions and whatever you want to be in the future. The other side is the devil on your shoulder, the one that wants to do what feels good right now, the one that seeks instant satisfaction, without thinking of the consequences.So without getting lost in a very boring and endless monologue about why these sides collide, you and I probably both understand that in order to reach our long term goals, we have to make peace with the devil that whispers words of doubt in your ear every time you think about doing the smart, maybe not so fun thing.

But why should we? Why should we make the smart decision? For one thing, we really seem to enjoy those stupid decisions as we go along, regretting only what comes after (life altering consequences or maybe merely a bad hangover). These days, at least in my social environment, it also seems like you’re either a foodie or a fastfoodjunkie, a fitnessfreak or a lazy couch potato, a hipster or an average Joe (you get where I’m going). Why can’t I be both? So much as I seem to have competing slightly bipolar personalities, I don’t see why this should brand me in any way or worse, hold me back on my ambitions.

I like us to change the world. I want to go on a quest with you to shed any faulty behavior that we might be not aware of yet. Let’s inspire people not just to eat healthy, think about developing their qualities or to start working out, but be aware of the opportunities you create by doing so. I feel that to many people see it as a big hassle, they don’t know where to start, how to start and how to fit a new and improved kind of behavior in their lives. To a certain extend, neither do I. But I’ve been researching this for a long time now. I might just know a thing or two. I might just know how to get you inspired.
In any case, this is the journey I’ve beset for myself. And I want you to come along. What will we do? We will begin by realizing that most of the time, we have almost no clue of what we want, what we’re doing or how to start following our dreams. Then, let’s get aware of whats around us, whats we feel passionate about or what merely interests us. Finally, we see how to fit those inspiring new things we’ve found in a new life where we materialize our dreams.

Let’s see if we can change our world, but without making such a big fuss about it.