Mees Dierdorp, a true talented new artist at last.

mees dierdorp

Honestly, living in Amsterdam means that if you hit just any random person on the street you most likely hit a DJ. It’s that bad. Just as any aspiring, narcissistic, pen wielding online-samurai maintains a personal blog, so is any inhabitant of Amsterdam a DJ of some sorts.

But this guy,  Mees Dierdorp is the real deal. Offspring (grand kid) of the great, late Dutch “Cobra” painter and “Vijftigers” poet Lucebert, this guy has real musical talent and a great ear for mixing seemingly impossing tracks into truly beautiful sets.
His musical choice isn’t your average club beat and drop but rather a melodic, almost enchanting mix of minimal sound and sweeping drums. You can find him mixing fifties tracks into deephouse beats and making bridges that incorporate monologues and classic twists. Hopelfully he’d agree with me or accept my fallacies as a well received compliment.

Well, that’s enough said. Listen and judge for yourself.


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