Super seitan! The delicious alternative to meat.

seitan bbq pic

These mouthwatering, super good looking treats may look like ribs. But they’re not. And they definitely look good, don’t they?

This is actually Seitan, a meat substitute made almost purely from wheat gluten. Therefore, it’s almost completely made from plant-protein and somehow has a unique texture that chews away like meat!

It’s really not difficult to make your own seitan. Although you probably have to order the wheat gluten online, it’s super cheap to make. But it is actually even easier to just buy it, since most organic shops sell several kinds.

Did I mention it’s really tasty? Because it is. Even my most meat-addicted friends had to admit that the texture does a great job at satisfying that appetite for chewing a nice, tender piece of beef.

It is, regrettably, not suitable for people with a gluten allergy and also I don’t recommend to eat it everyday. But if you consider the pros: much cheaper than meat, excellent protein source, great taste and texture + cleaner, friendlier and sustainable for the environment, you may just (completely) forget about the hurt that your not eating meat.

Try it, it sells itself. Have a look at the pinterest feed on seitan or this interesting post from Buzzfeed, it may make you curious and spark your interest!


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