I think I know everything. Or at least that’s what my friends say about me. I guess in a way it is necessary to have a sense of entitlement when starting a blog. Nobody has ever asked me to do this, so I take it upon myself to prove to you that my words are worth your time. And if not, at least it will be therapeutic to me. And perhaps in the end I’ll end up writing something that will make it all worth it.

I’d like to say I write about something different, that I have developed a new genre or spread a new idea. But sometimes those things aren’t necessary. The world has a lot of good ideas that lack one important factor: people spreading their good word. So why do you read this blog? Because that’s what I’m trying to do, I write about the good stuff. The ideas worth spreading (sorry TED for stealing your tagline) and the stuff that’s worth a mention. I think I know maybe a little about a little something and I want to share it with you. Read about good ideas on food, fitness, lifestyle, music, fashion (for men) and everything else you need to know right here.


Oh, I case you feel you want to reach me: roger.rosweide@gmail.com (professional writing jobs are most welcome)

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